On becoming a creator in Bharat: Lessons from Manish Pandey’s Transformational Journey

In India, more than 1,200 YouTube channels have at least 1 million subscribers, with 95% of viewers consuming content in local languages and dialects. The platform expects a 40% increase in content created in Indian languages such as Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. Readmore

Manish pandey, a leading content creation coach, shares his wisdom

Overall, the first common mistake is comparing. You versus me. You’re growing but I am not growing. Because everybody’ journey is unique and will be different. It also depends from genre to genre. Maybe in one genre you’ll have a lakh followers and that is termed respectable, but in some genres even 10,000 is considered respectable. Readmore

Sketching tales of persistence and passion of digital stars

The book took “400 days” to take its present form. “The seeds of this idea were sown in 2018 during breakfast at Galleria in Gurugram. But the execution started in 2020,” informs Pandey, adding, “During the lockdown, we noticed that on one hand, traditional entertainment sources such as Bollywood and events were breaking under the strain of the Covid-19 pandemic. Readmore

How to become a successful creator: the Manish Pandey way

Manish Pandey has a different take on it. He says, “Nearly 550 million people use the internet and 230 million watch YouTube daily. Every day, new people enter the ecosystem in search of content. So, there’s no saturation. The demand-supply scale is still unbalanced and tilted towards the demand side. Readmore

Josh Talks Manish Pandey Talks About His Journey as a Startup Mentor & Consultant

Startup mentor Manish Pandey has always liked helping young people who have the zeal to do beyond others. He has helped several entrepreneurs as a consultant for years for free-of-cost, and has recently started taking up commercial projects. Readmore

Meet Manish Pandey, the unofficial coach of Indian content creators

At YourStory’s Creators Inc Conference, social media evangelist, brand consultant and mentor Manish Pandey talks about guiding solopreneurs and creators in building and scaling their brands.  Readmore