1. Learn from the success stories, however, do not forget to learn from failure stories too

2) Follow your own way rather than following the crowd. Do what your true calling asks for

3) Chase your vision and dream with all you have, put your full potential.

4) Even if you are not confident, act like you are, push hard, Fake it till you make it. Faking it does not mean Cheating, keep in mind

5) Be a Listener and Meet new people. Network is Net-Worth

6) Be curious, ask questions all the time and listen to the answers

7) Learn something new every now and then, teach others too, share the knowledge you have

8) Always come to office on time

9) When you are working, just work, keep your mind-fullness and focus on one task at a time

10) Love yourself, eat healthy, exercise, meditate, listen to music and smile.